lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

First protoype of user interface for the Graphical Query Builder of pgAdmin

Yesterday, I finish what I believe it's the first prototype for pgAdmin GQB (Graphical Query Builder) interface, I have some ideas from my other project in the same area but I need to test the prototypes looking for best usability performance and effectiveness, because I think that doing things good in a quickly way is better than do it in a good looking way but slower. Just as google searching tool: Not big graphics, not best user interface of the web, but usability and effectiveness it's the best one.

By the way, I was thinking about finishing vsqlbuilder after the GQB for pgadmin, I really believe that this two tools can be used for different segments of users:
  • pgAdmin (C++/WxWidgets): Database Administrators [it's my own opinion ;) ]
  • Visual SQL Builder (Java): Database End Users, because I want to include on it: the GQB, reporting tools, little CASE of simple transactional applications & more end user related thing. I just need some time to do it and by september I maybe start to coding something on it.

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