domingo, 27 de julio de 2008

First public pre-alpha release of GQB (Graphical Query Builder) for pgAdmin

I have been working on improve my Google Summer of Code Project: for a while, and today I'm going to release what I believe it's the first public pre-alpha release that I sent to pgadmin-hackers list, as you notice this release is for testing only an i'ts provided with no warranty :)

Now with the project you can:

0. Create a graphical model of a query sentence. (to add a table just double click on it on the left tree, tables are added at same place please move to other position by drag & drop from the title)
1. Create some simple queries involving joins (only equality joins right now), only drag and drop column from one table to another
2. Order the columns in the projection part of sentence (Select x,y,z...), and add columns alias in a grid
3. Add some restrictions (not validate content yet, a parser should be done in next days)
4. Create synonymous for tables just double click on table title an write synonymous on dialog.

I'm hoping for feedback, any ideas, suggestions or bug reporst are important to improve next releases.

Where is located GQB inside pgAdmin?
At SQL Editor in a top tab you can choose between normal editor & gqb.

Can I try it without applying a patch and compiling it?
Yes, download binary (sorry binary for windows this time) at rapidshare:

Where is located the patch?

jueves, 10 de julio de 2008

First pre-pre-pre... alpha release of the GQB

I couldn't write in a while (violating my promise of write more :( ) but I have an announcement, today I finish what I think will be a good first pre-alpha release of the Graphical Query Builder for pgAdmin III, have a lot of bugs but it's usable.

I publish some screenshots too here:

I need people that test it & report me bugs (I detect a last minute bug on linux that crash pgAdmin after close GQB SQL Windows, I'm searching for causes because last releases don't have this behavior and in windows the error is not detected BUT YOU CAN TRY IT I WILL FIX THIS IN A FEW HOURS & PUBLISH A NEW PATCH


Should comment this lines at the destructor gqbView::~gqbView():
delete projectionPanel;
delete criteriaPanel;*/

of the file:gqbView.cpp

), you can download the patch here & report bugs to me, instructions are simple configure and build environment for pgAdmin III head version (follow instructions on page) and later apply my patch.

Note: on Linux, just watch out a .rej file at pgadmin/include/frm/frmQuery.h.rej open it look at the lines with a + symbol at begin (just headers lines of the .h), and add it to the frmQuery.h using your favorite text editor.