martes, 17 de junio de 2008

A lot of time without writing but still working :)

My last post was about 1 month ago, this is a lot of time, but in this time I have done a lot of progress, and here I just resume most important completed goals:

1. The Graphical Query Builder Graphic part is working right now, with simple joins.
2. User can select what columns to include in select sentence.
3. A SQL sentence can be generated from the graphical model.

And in this process I try to create documentation that will be useful for future contributions to pgAdmin project, like:

Information about pgAdmin internal structure.

Information about my GQB internals

Right now, still there are a lot of works to do... but checking my proposal I'm on time:

I'm at deliverable 4, and the schedule for this it's about Jul 6 - 12,Jul 13 - 19 week 7,8

I hope this continue in this way.... and I'm going to try to create more posts on this blog...

Finally as an example of my work I publish two images of my progress using the dellstore sample database for postgresql

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